Release Notes | Recrur

Release Notes

Release Update - September 9, 2019



  • It is now possible to filter the candidates under a job by the responsible person, phase and source. 
  • Under settings, in Users view, there is a count of how many admin/recruiter and how many client users you have
  • Some technical improvements regarding integrations
  • Small bug fixes



Release Update - May 14, 2019



  • User is directed to the correct Recrur link even when he/she was not logged in at the first or the session has expired
  • User can see the name of application source on the candidate profile near every job in the jobs list
  • Added some extra latvian translations to the system
  • Small bug fixes



Release Update - April 29, 2019



  • Recrur application has a new font. The biggest value of that change is for Latvian language users. 
  • Recrur has now a possibility to reuse previously created job application form texts. A new dropdown in job application form view, “Prefill”, lets you choose from previous job applications. Last 20 jobs are listed in dropdown by default. Additionally, it’s possible to search by previous job names there. 
  • We improved some texts in statistics view and added new selections to the period dropdown: Last week, Last month, Last year
  • Now there is a possibility to change the candidate’s responsible person on candidate profile for the chosen job.



Release Update - April 4, 2019



  • Now it is possible to add YouTube or Vimeo link to CV-Online job ad
  • When candidate apply from CV-Online, his motivational letter and location will be visible in Recrur.
  • Bug fixes
  • Application font is changed 
  • Bug fix: client export file displays correctly client contact person name


Release Update - March 18, 2019




  • Added the option to export data from the statistics page
       - You can filter data based on the period, status, client and ownership
       - You can choose the period that each Excel sheet consists of (day, week, month, year)
  • Added the option to send an email directly from the “add phase” view
       - Whilst adding a new phase to a candidate/candidates, you can send an email from the same view
       - The users without an email address will be shown hovering over BCC field
  • User experience improvements
       - “Jobs” view:
           --- The jobs list will now display up to 20 jobs by default
           --- Added page numbering to the top of the jobs list
       - “Candidates” view:
           --- The candidates list will now display up to 20 candidates by default
           --- Added page numbering to the top of the candidates list
           --- Added the option to sort candidates by creation date



Release Update - February 25, 2019




  • Candidates sorting on the Job profile is changed
       - Candidates with tag "New" are on the top of the candidates list
       - Candidates with the phase "Accepted" (green) move to the top of the candidates list (except if there are some candidates  with "New" tag)
       - Candidates with phase "Cancel" (red) move to the end of the candidates list 
       - Candidates are sorted by updated date descending (in Green group - accepted candidate, White group - in progress, Red group - rejected/refused, New groups)
       - On the job profile, User can see by default up to 100 candidates in the list 
       - When User scrolls down to the candidate's list, he will see a button with “arrow”, which will bring him/her to the top of the candidates list
  • Candidates search is added to the Job profile
       - Now you can use search from Job profile candidate to pull up the contents of document text, comment text and general data.
  • Source statistic is added
       - When you hover the Job name on the Statistic view, you will see aggregate information about candidate sources
  • Notification for Client about assigned tasks
        - Client will receive e-mail notifications about tasks when they're assigned to him/her
           --- task is created
           --- task is updated
           --- task is marked as done
           --- task is deleted
           --- in the morning, if the start or end date is between today and tomorrow
  • Latvian language support is added to Recrur
    - You can start using Recrur in Latvian :). If you see some inaccuracies in translations, please let us know :)



Release Update - February 7, 2019




  • With new release, the integration with CV-Online portal ( will be updated. We’ve created a new general API, which is more reliable than the previous one. From now on you’ll have the possibility to post job ads from Recrur directly to CV-Online Estonia, Latvia and soon in Lithuania. This can be done on the assumption that your company has a user in CV-Online.


    What will be changed?


    • When you upload existing job ad (as a picture) from Recrur to CV-Online, it will look like you’ve added a picture directly from CV-Online portal (candidate does not understand, that job ad has been added by Recrur). Job ad will become visible in CV-Online during one hour (in old integration it was 3 hours).
    • Additionally, you can add job ad language and salary information to a job ad. These parameters will make job filtering in CV-Online more accurate.
    • The “Apply now” button in CV-Online will not redirect to Recrur application form anymore. Candidate has to fill application form in CV-Online portal and his/her data will be transferred to Recrur with an interval of five minutes. 
    • Both unauthorized and logged in users can apply to a job via CV-Online.
         - If the user is logged in, their active CV file (in CV-Online) will be added to the application and sent to Recrur.
         - If the user is unauthorized, they have to upload their CV file when 
    • With this release it is not yet possible to send application letter (on the application form in CV-Online) to Recrur. 



Release Update - December 5, 2018


Changes on the job profile 

  • Header is added for job ad and job application form creation section
  • Updated texts
  • Changed order of the elements in the dropdown menu for job ad creation:
  • Job ad: Recrur and CV-Online
  • Recrur job application form
  • Job ad: CV Keskus
  • Video link is visible on job profile only when it has a value
  • System doesn’t auto-scroll to candidate list on job profile anymore

Small changes on Create Job ad view

  • Updated texts
  • Order of the buttons is changed: 
       - Upload existing job ad is shown first and is preselected
       - Create new job ad manually is shown second


  • BUG fixes

    • Dropdown menu in the create new job view has been fixed
    • Dropdown transparency issue on job application form  has been fixed
    • Menu loading works correctly without changing the color and font size


Release Update - November 20, 2018


To-Do functionality extensions

  • Now there is a possibility to create new task/event also from: 
       - job profile page
       - candidate profile page
  • Chosen job/candidate will be shown on the “linked” field:
       - User with “client” role is allowed to open:
           --- linked job, if the they have been given permission for that particular job;
           --- linked candidate, if the candidate is linked to a job that they have been given permission for.

Phase ordering

  • Now the recruitment phases are ordered by the date the phases are created - the order of the phases is the same in the settings view as well as when the phase is being added to the candidate.

BUG fixes

  • Emojis (face icons: green, yellow, red) are changeable and correctly shown on the candidate view and the candidate list view


Release Update - October 24, 2018


  • Job ad and job application link sharing on Facebook - From now on, when user shares job ad or job application link on Facebook, job name and job description will be visible. If ad is added as a picture, then position name without description will be visible on Facebook.

  • To-Do functionality improvements - Now, all assigned users will receive email reminders about upcoming tasks or events
       - one day before, in the morning
       - at the same day, in the morning
       - better usability for inviting people to event



Release Update - September 27, 2018


  • Integration with Gmail - You can now set up an integration with Gmail. It enables you to send out emails in Recrur from your own company-specific email. This way candidates will see your full address and can reply to your sent email. It will improve the communication with the candidates as it is more personalised. PS! If you have any additional questions about Gmail integration, feel free to contact us at!
  • Jobs statistics for all your past and ongoing jobs - You can now get an overview of basic statistics in Recrur. You can set a time period for the jobs overview, filter them by status or filter them by client, recruiter or both. PS! If you have any additional questions about statistics, feel free to contact us at!
  • Starting with this release you will start to see step by step more of Recrur’s new design. 



Release Update - July 17, 2018


In the last release the the technical aspect of Recrur was improved and updated.


Minor fixes and technical improvements affected the following functionalities:

  • Users get informed that changes can't be saved when updating an expired CV Online application.
  • Users with a recruiter role can create and save e-mail templates again.
  • Users with a recruiter role can save 'my default page' preference again.



Release Update - June 19, 2018



  • Possibility to set client-specific GDPR agreements (e.g. in case you need to hire for sub-companies who need different legal GDPR requirements). See the how-to manual for instructions!



  • Improved the use of space on job ad and job application link.
  • Added Latvian and Lithuanian language for the job ad, job application link and for the GDPR agreement.
  • Added Russian language to the job ad. 
  • Now you can see exactly which GDPR agreements will be shown on the job application link when creating the link..
  • By default “Thank you for applying” page appears now in the job application link language.



  • Fixed the freezing add candidate phase confirmation button.
  • Fixed the issue that as a candidate it was not possible to delete uploaded files from job application link.



Release Update - June 1, 2018



  • We added a “Send e-mail to all” button under candidate list view. It appears after you select any candidate from the list. The email is sent to all of your candidates that have an email associated with their account. This function considers search results, so you can further specify your recipient list with the search. 



  • “NEW!” sign does not disappear when a user with a client role clicks on the recently applied candidate. 
  • We improved the usability of GDPR agreements functionality in admin settings view.



  • We fixed the logic of adding phases to the candidate. In some cases adding phases didn’t work correctly. 
  • Location is now displayed in candidates view.
  • Application sources and categories are not duplicated while opening edit view.



Release Update - May 7, 2018



  • Improved Finnish translation for GDPR functionality.



  • If candidate data is changed the keywords do not appear repetitively in “Position and keywords” field.
  • If a new keyword is saved to “Poisition and keywords” on candidate’s profile the previously added keywords do not disappear.
  • It is possible to delete the logo from CV Keskus job ad again.
  • If selecting multiple email receivers in the candidates view all the emails of the receivers are shown in the “BCC” field again.



Release Update - April 23, 2019





  • Improved minify js and CSS versioning so that all the updates will be readily usable for all users right after releasing. 



  • Fixed the issue for some users who were not able to delete jobs from "jobs" view.
  • Fixed issue with job duplication. Now besides all the candidates, also all fields are filled in the duplicated job.